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Spelling in a Writing Workshop

The truth… I’d rather not talk about spelling. There are more important things in a writing workshop, than to talk about spelling. Spelling well is a good thing. When we edit what we write, it is profusely important, but it has nothing to do with growing a writer. When we focus on spelling or grammar correctness, the growing writer becomes stifled.

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Talking to Caregivers about Conventions and Spelling

More than other skills, most caregivers tend to worry about spelling and conventions when it comes to their child's writing. I get it. Those skills are right there at the tip of the writing iceberg. Those skills are concrete and obvious. Those skills are the ones that they recognize and know how to fix when they sit with their child. So how do we talk to caregivers about spelling and punctuation? Here are three ideas that you may find helpful. 

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Words Don’t Make a Writer: Supporting Emergent Writers Who Are Not Yet Writing Words

Are we putting additional stress and pressure on kids to write words? With purpose and joy, kids can go from compliance to engagement and become the kinds of writers who add words as powerful information to their books.

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How a Portable Word Wall Can Help Your Students with Spelling

Do you differentiate your students' spelling lists by giving them personal spelling words? If so, you can take those lists a step further by providing them with portable word walls for their writing folder and/or for at-home use.

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Three Reasons Spelling Lessons Aren’t Transferring into Writing Workshop–and What You Can Do

The same kids who are successful with spelling patterns during word study time are sometimes not applying that spelling pattern to their independent writing. Why?


Strategies to Support the Spelling Perfectionists in Your Classroom

Many kids go through a perfectionist stage. They will sometimes freeze up, choose not to write, or select different, easier words to spell. Here's what you can do.

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Conventions & Presentation: Solving Predictable Problems

Proper use of conventions and the aesthetics of writing pose unique challenges in an elementary writing workshop. Here are solutions to eight predictable problems you may be facing with your students.

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Three Favorite Word Wall Games

  A well-planned word wall allows students to quickly access familiar high frequency words from word study instruction. As they are writing, they can simply glance up, find the word, and continue to write. With the word wall, there's no need to interrupt their work to search through a dictionary or booklet. Glancing at the word word… Continue reading Three Favorite Word Wall Games