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Some Things to Consider in the Handwriting Vs. Typing Debate

Rather than working to prove that one way–digital composition vs. handwritten writing–is better than the other, we have the power as teachers to recognize the benefits of both and to determine the best time and place for each. Here are some things you may want to consider when making these drafting decisions in your own school setting.

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Collaborating with Occupational Therapists: Stronger Together Blog Series

Occupational therapists not only support students one-on-one, but can be amazingly helpful collaborators!


Why cursive? Why not?

A number of years ago, I broke my wrist badly. It took a year to heal, and even then I still had nerve damage. Over the course of that year, I participated in extensive occupational therapy to retrain my brain to connect with my hands - to hold a fork, to squeeze a sponge, and… Continue reading Why cursive? Why not?

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Family Resources for At-Home Learning: Reflections and Shifts As We Move Forward

This post is a look back at the resources I created to support families with at-home learning throughout the pandemic, and some ideas for supporting families in the future.

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Fine Motor and Beyond: How To Support Underlying Skills for Writing

What makes the physical and visual process of writing challenging? Read to find out how an occupational therapist collaborated with a classroom teacher to increase participation of all students during writing workshop.

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Writing Workshop is Hard Work

Last Thursday, I endeavored to explain writing workshop to parents in my district at Parent University. As I drove home after the presentation, I felt unsettled, like there had been a gap in what the parents were hoping to learn and what I delivered. What would you be sure to include in a presentation to parents on writing workshop?

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The Physical Act of Writing

We spend lots of time talking about the writing process here at TWT. This post tackles something that has nothing to do with meaning, structure, focus, word choice, elaboration, voice, or conventions. It deals with the physical act of writing, which can be challenging for some children.