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Poetry Friday Roundup

I created a Jog, on Jog the Web, to round-up everyone's Poetry Friday Submissions.  Click here, or on the image below, to head over to the Jog I created.  Then, use the left nav to travel from site to site. Thanks to everyone who participated in another wonderful week of poetry!

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Poetry Friday: Please join us!

I am hosting Poetry Friday this week! Please leave a comment with a link to and a brief description of your post. I will put up another post later this weekend, using Jog the Web,  which includes all of your links since I have family visiting today. Speaking of family, Father's Day is two days… Continue reading Poetry Friday: Please join us!

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The 50 States Challenge

I provided my students with a Geography Challenge, which I know they can all rise to, yesterday. They are to learn the names and placement of all 50 states on the U.S. Map by Thursday, June 11th. They'll work in teams of three to coach each other to make this happen. As in Ron Clark's… Continue reading The 50 States Challenge

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Salinger's book Well Defined: Vocabulary in Rhyme provides me with a way to teach my students vocabulary and poetry simultaneously.  I'm passionate about both, which is why I was so excited to get my hands on this book yesterday.  Each poem contains a title (the word) and a definition at the bottom of each page,… Continue reading Well-Defined

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Poetry Friday

A lot of you have been leaving comments about your frustrations with regard to standardized testing taking away time from your teaching.  Hence, on this Poetry Friday, I wanted to share a Moore Poem with you. I Left My Head by Lilian Moore I left my head somewhere today. Put it down for just a… Continue reading Poetry Friday

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Poetry Friday & Photo Friday Collide (Again)

The Perfect Hot Fudge Sundaes Originally uploaded by teachergal Bernard Friot gives readers a charge on Day 100 of The Aspiring Poet's Journal to write a poem as a text message. Since I'm not a big text-er (and don't pay for them), I thought this would be a challenge. My poem is about the hot… Continue reading Poetry Friday & Photo Friday Collide (Again)

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Poetry Friday – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou's famous "Amazing Peace" Poem was recently turned into a picture book (Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem). I love everything about this book, especially the way in which the art matches the words so well. (It's illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.) Here's an excerpt of "Amazing Peace". Amazing Peace Thunder rumbles in… Continue reading Poetry Friday – Maya Angelou

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Poetry Friday: A Snow Day with No Snow to Speak of… YET!

Nearly every school in Rhode Island seems to be closed today due to the impending snow. My school is no exception. Today's school day was called-off yesterday afternoon when the weather reports became more 'serious.' I woke up this morning and didn't find any snow on the ground. However, I knew that would happen since… Continue reading Poetry Friday: A Snow Day with No Snow to Speak of… YET!

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Poetry Friday & Photo Fridays Collide!

Even though my inbox is full... Originally uploaded by teachergal Sometimes I like to let Poetry Friday and Photo Fridays collide here. It pushes me to write about my photo in verse, rather than in prose. 🙂 CADDY I had the same pencil cup for years. It spun on a lazy susan and contained more… Continue reading Poetry Friday & Photo Fridays Collide!

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Poetry Friday: Freight Train

Freight Train Delay on the Way to Work Originally uploaded by teachergal I had an exasperating drive to work yesterday morning. It could've been worse... I could've been the one in the MVA. Thankfully I wasn't. However, once I rerouted myself and got stuck behind a freight train, I was not happy. When the freight… Continue reading Poetry Friday: Freight Train

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POETRY FRIDAY: The Aspiring Poet’s Journal – Day 1

Ruth picked up an extra copy of The Aspiring Poet's Journal by Bernard Friot, in the NCTE Exhibit Hall, before I arrived in San Antonio last Friday. I rifled through it quickly last week and liked what I saw. However, I didn't really have a close look at it until now… and I really like… Continue reading POETRY FRIDAY: The Aspiring Poet’s Journal – Day 1