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Sharing Photos with Students & Families

I built a website on Shutterfly to share pictures and news with my students’ families. This might be overkill seeing as I also built a classroom blog. I was going to use Picasa to host photos of my students, but now that I found this great new tool over at Shutterfly, I’m rethinking my Picasa Plan.

If you’ve used Shutterfly with students and their families, then please leave a comment on this post and let me know what you thought of their web capabilities. (I’ve got one week to decide if I want to switch from Picasa to Shutterfly before I send “the letter” out about posting photos to my students’ parents/guardians.)

One thought on “Sharing Photos with Students & Families

  1. Very cool tool, Stacey. I really like it. I created one for myself very quickly. As with you, I have a classroom blog so I don’t need one. However, I am in charge of my school’s website and teachers are often asking me how they can put up a webpage themselves. It’s nice to have another option to offer them. Thanks!


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