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Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

I've been photographing a farm in Lincoln, RI for the past few months. I spotted it right before September 11th and was struck by the flag that hung between the silos. I've continued to capture photos of it as the seasons have changed. I shot this picture this past Monday, one day after we got… Continue reading Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

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Stacey’s M.M. Post: Carrying It All With Me

Overstuffed File Tote Originally uploaded by teachergal When I lived in Manhattan I never carried that much stuff to and from school daily. After all, I couldn't negotiate the stairs on the subway platforms at 86th and 103rd Streets with too much in my hands. Therefore, I'm perplexed at how much stuff I take to… Continue reading Stacey’s M.M. Post: Carrying It All With Me

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Photo Fridays: Look Back, but Always Look Ahead

A view from behind Originally uploaded by teachergal I've come to believe that once I make a decision, I should never look back. And quite frankly, I don't. I stick with something once I commit to it. Perhaps that attitude has carried over into my life in other ways. For instance, I've been photographing a… Continue reading Photo Fridays: Look Back, but Always Look Ahead

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Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

Patriotic Farm in Lincoln, RI Originally uploaded by teachergal Lincoln, RI is one of the most rustic-feeling locations I've encountered since I moved to Rhode Island last summer. I had the chance to buy candy at a country store for just $.65 today! The man I bought my Reese's from was not only friendly, but… Continue reading Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

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M.M.: Newport

My first trip to Newport, RI occurred when I was seven or eight years old. It rained. The entire time. Mansion tour memories are clouded up with memories of rain. It was so rainy that my parents and I left early. Therefore, my Newport memories weren't all that great. In 2004, I visited Newport again… Continue reading M.M.: Newport

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OceanCliff Originally uploaded by teachergal I was completely inspired by my surroundings today when I attended a day-long professional development session with my colleagues at OceanCliff in Newport. The drive out there was breathtaking, as was the view from the back of OceanCliff, which is pictured below. Today was one of those great, productive days… Continue reading P.D.

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WN Entry: Rhode Island Sunrise

As I was placing my bags in the backseat of my car, I looked up at the sky. It was a majestic array of colors, almost as heavenly as aurora bourealis. I paused and took a deep breath, feeling the crisp New England Air fill my lungs. Ahhhh, autumn! This is my favorite season because… Continue reading WN Entry: Rhode Island Sunrise · Rhode Island


DonorsChoose officially launched in Rhode Island today. (Note: DonorsChoose went national on Labor Day.) Very exciting!!! Just wanted to post that up here since the Rhode Island Foundation, as per this article in the ProJo, has given $30,000 to D.C. to get things up and running here in Rhode Island. For more info on DonorsChoose… Continue reading Launch

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Strategy Lesson and Conferring Coffee Table Area

Small Group Work Space or Coffee Clutch? Originally uploaded by teachergal When I moved from New York City to Rhode Island I brought some furniture with me that I knew I'd no longer use in my apartment. However, I thought it might be nice to put these items in my new classroom, which is exactly… Continue reading Strategy Lesson and Conferring Coffee Table Area

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WN Entry: Making A List

I got inspired by Reflections from the Rockies' Post entitled "My Favorite Things About Colorado So Far." Since a good deal of my students' first couple weeks of Writing Workshos will revolve around the creation of lists (and then the development of a list item into an entry in their writer's notebook), I thought, "Why… Continue reading WN Entry: Making A List