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Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

Patriotic Farm in Lincoln, RI

Originally uploaded by teachergal

Lincoln, RI is one of the most rustic-feeling locations I’ve encountered since I moved to Rhode Island last summer. I had the chance to buy candy at a country store for just $.65 today! The man I bought my Reese’s from was not only friendly, but seemed genuinely happy to welcome a newcomer to his location.

I’ve driven by this farm in Lincoln about four times in the past couple of weeks. It initially caught my eye because of the American Flag that is nestled between the silos. However, every time I passed it, I kept feeling inspired to photograph it. And yesterday, I finally did.

There were tons of birds flying back and forth through the sky and diving near the grass. I think this photograph captures both.

If you’re interested in participating in Photo Fridays, which is a weekly challenge that combines writing and photograph (two of my greatest loves), then click here.

One thought on “Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

  1. It’s fun to read the details of your photo. It would be great if you can share it with the photo at PF. And what a great ad for our group! NICE,
    Thanks for the Slideshare deal, although I’m not sure if I qualify with my SUNY New Paltz status.


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