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Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

Winter Comes to the Farm
Winter Comes to the Farm
I’ve been photographing a farm in Lincoln, RI for the past few months. I spotted it right before September 11th and was struck by the flag that hung between the silos. I’ve continued to capture photos of it as the seasons have changed.

I shot this picture this past Monday, one day after we got dumped-on with snow. I did not tinker with the colors of the sky… that is how it looked at 3:50 p.m. In fact, on this Photo Friday, I am not I even have the words to truly describe how excited I was to photograph this idyllic scene. Therefore, I’ll just leave you with the image so you can add your own words.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

  1. 1. Fabulous photo…. I’m inspired (again!!) by your post and will put that old camera in the CRV tomorrow.

    2.First grade teacher at school rec’d a Flip mino from a group of parents… I bought one for school this week… it’s incredible… so user friendly kids and teachers will be able to use it immediately! (


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