Digital Storytelling

This afternoon Ruth and I attended a presentation by Shannon Baumann entitled “Digital Storytelling in the K-5 Classrooms.” Baumann gave us a plethora of suggestions for creating digital stories with our students. In our typical fashion, we decided to practice what we preach and gave ourselves a little “self-assignment.”

So, without further adieu, we present our first (ridiculous) attempt at creating a digital story. It’s really rough, but we wanted to share it since we both know that it takes TIME and PRACTICE to get good at using a new form of technology. As you’ll see… we have a lot of practicing ahead of us. With time, you’ll see quality digital stories from us both — we hope!

6 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my workshop and actually put the ideas into practice. That’s the best compliment a presenter could have. Great job on your first digital storytelling attempt 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am definitely attending NCTE next year but I am so happy to experience it this year through you both. And the digital storytelling is great!

    (Also, it is so weird hearing your voices, because you both have such strong voice in your writing so to put a vocal voice to that jarred me a little! )


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