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Photo Fridays: Look Back, but Always Look Ahead

A view from behind

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I’ve come to believe that once I make a decision, I should never look back. And quite frankly, I don’t. I stick with something once I commit to it.

Perhaps that attitude has carried over into my life in other ways. For instance, I’ve been photographing a barn in Lincoln, RI for the past two months as the seasons have been changing. I’ve been so consumed with getting a good shot of the barn that has a huge American Flag between its silos that I haven’t looked back to see what was behind me.

Yesterday that changed. My camera was in the backseat. Therefore, I had to turn around to get it. And when I did, I noticed some gorgeous leaves framing a body of water. Why haven’t I noticed this before?

I snapped a few pictures of the water from the front seat. I wanted to get out, but I had flip flops on (long story) and it was really cold. However, I’m thinking I need to get out of the car next week, no matter how cold my toes will be, and get a better photograph before the gold and amber leaves fall to the ground.

Oh, and here are a few photos of the barn:
But of course... another patriotic barn photo Fall Colors Behind the Patriotic Barn 3
Patriotic Barn in Lincoln, RI
Silos at Sunset Patriotic Farm in Lincoln, RI

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