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Writing Your Way into a New Year: Be a Lead Writer in 2023

Are you ready to start 2023 as a Lead Writer in your classroom as well as a Teacher? Grab a notebook, pick up a pen, and start writing! You’ll be amazed at your own growth–and at the impact it will have on your students.

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Some Things to Consider in the Handwriting Vs. Typing Debate

Rather than working to prove that one way–digital composition vs. handwritten writing–is better than the other, we have the power as teachers to recognize the benefits of both and to determine the best time and place for each. Here are some things you may want to consider when making these drafting decisions in your own school setting.

Stronger Together: Involving Other Professionals in Your Workshop Blog Series

ICYMI: Revisiting the Stronger Together Blog Series 

Throughout the past week, the co-author team at Two Writing Teachers Blog has featured the countless professionals in our school communities who support and strengthen the work of classroom teachers. In case you missed a post, here's a recap of all of the talented professionals showcased in this series.

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When Your Reality Doesn’t Match Your Expectations

October is the time when the mismatch between our expectations--what we think kids can do--and the reality--what our kids can actually do--sets in. How can we help our students (and ourselves) bring expectation and reality closer together?

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A Few Ideas for Engaging Reluctant Editors

Do you have writers who are reluctant to edit (or avoid it altogether)? Here are three approaches to make this part of the writing process more manageable for writers of all ages and abilities.

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Sharing Anecdotal Notes To Shift From Mine To Ours: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

How can we build even more self-efficacy with our student writers? A few simple moves can transform your anecdotal notes and empower you