Enlist Students as Partners in Conferring

Conferring is a powerful tool to meet the needs of individual writers, but it often feels like students are passive participants in these conversations. Engaging students as partners in this work helps kids see themselves as authors and grow their writing abilities.

Stronger Together: Involving Other Professionals in Your Workshop Blog Series

Collaborating with Teaching Assistants and Paraprofessionals: Stronger Together Blog Series

Learn three tips for working with support staff and read an interview between Leah and her teaching assistant, Lucy.

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Increase the Number of Teachers in the Room with Student-Led Small Groups

An extra teacher is always a gift, especially when working with young authors. But what if we looked for teachers within those tiny writers?

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Engage Writers at the Beginning of the Year with Base Training

At the beginning of the school year, take time before launching your first unit to allow students to settle in to writing workshop. This time helps you learn about students, build their confidence, and teach workshop routines.

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Graphic Organizers Limit Creativity: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

Many teachers assign graphic organizers to help students learn about structure and organization. But do these organizers actually impede authentic writing and student agency? Read about why Leah chose to stop mandating graphic organizers, and some tips for letting go!