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Reflecting on Reading Like a Writer

So I took some time to create a video about the system I created in order to track and reflect on my summer reading. Because I pushed myself to reflect in a new medium, I feel like I dug deeper into the work I've done with reading like a writer. (I hope it's not too… Continue reading Reflecting on Reading Like a Writer

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Classroom Management.

Since the first few weeks of my student teaching, classroom management hasn't been something I've struggled with.  (Although I do struggle with the term.)  The first week of my student teaching I planned a lab.  Everything went smoothly, except clean up.  The lab was a mess.  Nothing was put away.  Nothing was set for the next class… Continue reading Classroom Management.

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Big Picture Series: Conferring

“Teach the writer, not the writing.” – Lucy Calkins   Do you ever feel exasperated by all of the errors you see in your students’ writing?  The conference begins and before you know it you’ve given lots of useful advice on how to fix the writing.  You look over and notice your student is completely… Continue reading Big Picture Series: Conferring