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Student Agency, Self-Assessment, and Small Group Instruction

Nudging students toward self-assessment and goal-setting leads to students' increased understanding of what they are working on and why they're working on it. That intentionality is a critical aspect of learning!

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Considering Processes With Students

If I can teach students not only to recognize their learning styles and resources that benefit them, but also how to ask for or find those resources, then I increase the potential of having an impact on their learning long after I'm physically or digitally present in their lives.

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Three Quick Ways to Know How Students Are Doing

How can I make progress pathways for young writers working from anywhere clearer for them? Inviting students into the evaluation process is helpful, and my hope is that one of these ideas will inspire you.

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Continuing to Think About Google Forms

I am so grateful to have this resource available to me as an educator at no cost. Maybe someday, I'll get to thank whoever is behind the Google Curtain in person. In the meantime, I'll share what's been working and I'll look forward to hearing about how some of you end up doing it even better!