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The ABC’s of Literacy Coaching: Reminders for the Start of a Great Year


I have a vivid memory of a coaching conversation from many years ago. I was the one being coached; one of my mentors had observed me and was giving me some no-holds-barred feedback.… Continue reading

Enlisting Writing Support from Parents


Parents can be a tremendous educational resource.  Yet, in middle school it can be challenging, as developmentally our students are beginning to morph from children into young adults. Thinking about next year, I have drafted some ideas for partnering with parents on how to help their kids become stronger writers.  How might parents provide support in the way writing workshop teachers believe is most helpful?  Here are a few ideas…

Literacy Coaches: Supporting Your Administrators at the Start of the Year


Three things you can do, as a teacher leader or literacy coach to support administrators (yes, admin need support too!) at the start of the year.