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Increase the Number of Teachers in the Room with Student-Led Small Groups

An extra teacher is always a gift, especially when working with young authors. But what if we looked for teachers within those tiny writers?

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Pump Up the Volume!

I recently had a dream about teaching writing. In my dream the kids wrote and wrote and wrote for hours on end as I floated effortlessly from student to student. You could hear a pin drop. When I let kids know that I was very sorry, but there were only a few minutes left, they… Continue reading Pump Up the Volume!

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The Secret Ingredient to Creating Engaged Writers

I’ve been thinking about student engagement in writing workshop for the past couple of weeks.  I started thinking about it as I was reading Guy-Write, Ralph Fletcher’s new book.  My thoughts about engagement continued as I sat in Maggie Beattie Roberts’s class about technology and media at the summer Reading Institute.  Everything came to a… Continue reading The Secret Ingredient to Creating Engaged Writers