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Sharing Lists of Emotions

I did the strong emotions lesson (using Skittles) on Friday. My demonstration was way longer than it was supposed to be (on paper), but I felt that I needed to be exceedingly explicit so that the kids would get it. They did, but I still think the length was a bit too much.
The inside of my notebook.  I did the left page during the demonstration and the top of the right page while my kids were doing their "Happy Emotion" during the Active Engagement. The inside of my notebook. I did the left page during the demonstration and the top of the right page while my kids were doing their “Happy Emotion” during the Active Engagement.

At the end of the Workshop, I gathered the class together on the rug and had two pre-selected students share one of their lists. I asked them some pointed questions from Mermelstein’s Book. (I want the kids to hear me ask the questions for a few days before I gradually release that task on to them.) I ended each of my questionings with, “What will you do with these lists?” and “What’s your plan for the weekend?” Each student gave me an excellent answer about how they’d write about three of items, one for each day.

Therefore, after each student shared I addressed the rest of the class who brought their Idea Notebooks to the rug. I said, “Would you please put a star next to the item you’re going to write more about tonight? Then, would you place a star next to the one you’re going to write about on Saturday? Finally, would you put a star next to the one you’ll write about on Sunday? Then, please come up and show me your stars.”

It wasn’t a plan box, but it seemed like a way to hold them accountable to writing three entries over the weekend. It was quick, which was necessary since Read Aloud needed to start. I might try an end-of-the-share-plan-what-to-do-next kind of thing for the next few days to see how it goes. Perhaps it will help the kids as we move through the next two weeks of our notebook unit.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Lists of Emotions

  1. Hmmm Lennye… That’s a tough one for me since I don’t have that much experience with kids who have EBDs.

    A couple of suggestions:
    1. Try putting a check mark half-way down the page. Tell him if he can write on each line and get to the check mark, then you’ll allow him to share that day. (I’d rapidly increase the amount of writing to 3/4 and then a full-page of writing.)
    2. Read through Mermelstein’s Book about sharing. Set clear expectations, like she says, with the students that YOU will pick/decide who gets to share.

    LMK if either of those work.



  2. I have a dilemma, what do you do with the EBD child who will not write, but wants to share. I’ve tried explaining that story telling isn’t the same as story writing, but that didn’t go to well. When I let him share he wants to take over; when I make him sit down he throws things. Any suggestions will be appreciated! This year I have seven special ed in one class and seven in the other class. (Thankfully I’m down to two classes now instead of four!)


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