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ICYMI: TWT’s Homework Mini-Series

Homework Mini SeriesLast week, four members of our co-author team shared our latest thinking about homework. In case you missed any or all of our posts, here’s a look at what we discussed:

On Wednesday, Kathleen took us on a journey of thought to help us understand how she evolved from assigning weekly homework packets to her Kindergarten students to providing her third graders with home learning opportunities. In her post, “Reimagining Homework,” she also discussed the ways she communicates in-school learning to parents now that nightly homework isn’t assigned.

On Thursday, Lanny wrote “Some Issues to Consider,” in which he challenged underlying assumptions about homework. Lanny invited us to consider how our beliefs about student affect achievement, the fact that not all homework is created equal, and the ways diverse family structures can impact a student’s ability to complete homework successfully and on-time.

On Friday, I wrote “Nightly Writing,” which began with a discussion of my evolution from being a teacher who extended writing workshop time with nightly homework assignments to the kind of person who believes students should be provided with encouragement and possibilities for nightly writing. I shared four ways to encourage students to write after the school day is finished without assigning writing homework.

On Saturday, Melanie wrote “Ways to Involve Caregivers,” which was a thoughtful post about involving family members with the writing process at home. In addition, Melanie also shared tips for engaging caregivers with writing by hosting a schoolwide family writing night.

We hope last week’s mini-series inspired you to start a conversation with your colleagues about homework in your schools. Comments are closed on this post so please reach out to us if you’d like to keep the conversation going.