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Ways to Involve Caregivers: Homework and the Writing Workshop

I don't remember sharing writing experiences at home when my daughters were in elementary school. I wish we had.

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Nightly Writing: Homework and the Writing Workshop

Four ways to encourage students to write after the school day is finished WITHOUT assigning writing as homework.

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Some Issues to Consider: Homework and the Writing Workshop

Pushing the dance studio door open, I watched my two daughters and their two best friends bound playfully out to the parking lot.  Walking next to me was Jamie, their mother.  "Sorry," she whispered, "we can't do dinner tonight.  Blake's got homework."  Blake, a fourth grader, after attending school all day and now having finished… Continue reading Some Issues to Consider: Homework and the Writing Workshop

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Reimagining Homework: Homework and the Writing Workshop

This past summer, I found myself questioning homework- why I give it, what it accomplishes and if there might be an alternative.