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Sharing Anecdotal Notes To Shift From Mine To Ours: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

How can we build even more self-efficacy with our student writers? A few simple moves can transform your anecdotal notes and empower you

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Acknowledging Writers to Disturb the Universe

In writing workshop, we operate on multiple levels-- we try to plan and deliver effective minilessons, we try to confer with our writers (and take some notes?), we create anchor charts, and so forth.  But what about validating the voices of our student writers? Here are a few tips for disturbing the universe...

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The Power of Language Revisited

When it comes to the teaching of writing in a writing workshop, language is everything.  It is through the words we teachers choose that writers are created, built up, encouraged, and inspired.

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On the Pitfalls of Hiding Out

Sometimes in a busy and chaotic schedule, we inadvertently miss attending to some of our students who like to "fly under the radar." Being systematic and intentionally positive can make a big difference for some of our writers.

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A Compliment Conference

In my day-to-day teaching I often get swept up in trying to load students up with next step after next step... after next step. Sometimes, what might benefit some students most, however, is clear explicit feedback on what they are already doing well. There's certainly an art to giving clear feedback, especially when it comes to… Continue reading A Compliment Conference

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Mr. Stowlkey and Mr. Smith

Mr. Stowlkey and Mr. Smith were the teachers in one of the kindergarten writing workshops I was in today. They are incredible teachers. They are both six. (Normally I don't refer to students as Mr. or Miss...but since they were acting as teachers today, they wanted to go with this form of their names. I'll… Continue reading Mr. Stowlkey and Mr. Smith

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Are we having fun yet?

Slicing is supposed to be fun. Sure it's a challenge. Not just the challenge of writing every single day for a month, but also the challenge of the technology. Unique URL? Commenting? Where do I link? If I miss a day can I still share my link? There are questions that abound. Most of these… Continue reading Are we having fun yet?

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Compliments Versus Feedback

Something Stacey has made me think more deeply about is complimenting student writers. (Much of my learning & prodding to think about this topic has been through reading her drafts for the book.) I've always tried to use a compliment to push into a teaching point, but Stacey has helped me consider this idea on… Continue reading Compliments Versus Feedback

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Feedback in Writing Circle

During today's Writing Circle Luncheon, I had two of my students share a piece of writing they did this week that they were pleased with and on which they wanted feedback.  I wanted to see how they were with providing each other feedback (e.g., peer conferring) by paying each other a compliment and by giving… Continue reading Feedback in Writing Circle