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Feedback in Writing Circle

During today's Writing Circle Luncheon, I had two of my students share a piece of writing they did this week that they were pleased with and on which they wanted feedback.  I wanted to see how they were with providing each other feedback (e.g., peer conferring) by paying each other a compliment and by giving… Continue reading Feedback in Writing Circle

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Thoughts About Working with a REALLY Reluctant Writer

Ro asked: I have a student in my class who is on the spectrum and is extremely reluctant to writing. He doesn’t think anything is important or worth writing about. It’s extremely difficult even getting him to write a few sentences because he is so defiant. My next step is getting him to try writing… Continue reading Thoughts About Working with a REALLY Reluctant Writer

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Lunch Box Poetry

I had an idea in the shower this morning (the place of many wonderful thoughts). When I have kids I think I'm going to put a poem into their lunch box every day of the school year when they're in elementary school in order to foster love of poetry. One way to make this less… Continue reading Lunch Box Poetry