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Why Independent Work Time Matters

In the spring of 2019, sitting with a small group of 6th grade writers, I shared a video of Jack Ma, speaking on the future of education. “Education is a big, big challenge now... the things we teach our kids are the things of the past 200 years… “ expressed Jack Ma, in the… Continue reading Why Independent Work Time Matters

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A Class Hub To The Rescue!

A class hub can make all the difference for digital writing and learning!

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Chewing On This

I watched a version of this video several years ago. In preparation for a workshop I'm leading on Thursday with a group of Career Tech educators (think culinary arts and auto mechanics), I pulled it up to watch again. I was glad to find the video was updated last December. I'm struck by the reality… Continue reading Chewing On This

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Common Core — Appendices

Many of us are digging into Common Core Standards. We are spending time reading the standards, figuring out what they mean, and noticing how they grow from grade to grade. Indiana (my state) adopted Common Core State Standards several years ago, so I'm familiar with the standards. What I'm realizing now is the usefulness of… Continue reading Common Core — Appendices

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SOLSC: Multi-tasking

THE BASICS: Late Saturday afternoon. On the elliptical rider. Listening to "Bombay Dreams" on my MP3. Watching the replay of Hillary Rodham Clinton's 'Farewell' Speech. THE BACK-STORY: When I was in college I volunteered at the White House Office of Women's Initiatives and Outreach from Sept. 1995 – Nov. 1996. The office was started by… Continue reading SOLSC: Multi-tasking

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Did You Know 2.0

Here's the link in case you want to pass this video along to someone else: To join in the Shift Happens Conversation, click here. I particularly like their discussion questions, which are as follows: # What are your initial reactions to what you saw in the presentation? # How are these changes manifesting themselves… Continue reading Did You Know 2.0