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Getting the Most Out of Any Professional Development: P.D. Possibilities

Today, Anna wraps up our March blog series on professional development and offers tips for getting the most out of any PD, anytime, anywhere, on any topic.

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Professional Development Done Your Way: P.D. Possibilities Series

#HilliardU brings the essential elements of professional development together in one event. First, Hilliard U is made up of presentations by teachers of various grade levels and subject areas, academic coaches, related arts teachers, administration and well-known professionals in our field. As participants, we design our day by choosing from a variety of breakout sessions offered or take advantage of a collaboration room to work with colleagues.

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Classroom Teachers’ Rights and Responsiblities: PD Possibilities

As a classroom teacher, most of the time I am a participant in PD, not the facilitator. I want to learn, to be inspired, to leave a PD session one step closer to being the teacher I dream to be. I believe that teachers have rights when it comes to Professional Development. With rights comes responsibilities, and teachers have those, too as we consider PD.

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Video Case Studies: P.D. Possibilities

One of my favorite kinds of professional development is having an opportunity to visit other teachers' classrooms (aka: lab sites). It helps to see how other teachers carry out instruction with their students. Visiting other classrooms provides us with the opportunity to borrow ideas for our own teaching practice. However, sometimes small classrooms make it… Continue reading Video Case Studies: P.D. Possibilities

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Teaching Side-By-Side: Coaching and Classroom Visits

This month, interspersed with the Slice of Life Story Challenge, my colleagues and I are writing about professional development possibilities. Many of our readers are literacy coaches, team leaders, administrators, professors, and classroom teachers who support each other in their professional growth and learning. These professional development posts will be helpful for anybody who wants to… Continue reading Teaching Side-By-Side: Coaching and Classroom Visits

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Using Colleagues to Create Your Own Professional Development: PD Possibilities Series

My husband is an eighth grade ELA teacher. We often find ourselves having conversations about our day. One night he was mentioning he had to step into a colleagues room for a few minutes and he noticed some really innovative engagement techniques. He was immediately thinking about how he might try this with his students.… Continue reading Using Colleagues to Create Your Own Professional Development: PD Possibilities Series

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PD Possibilities Blog Series

Here at Two Writing Teachers, we believe with all our hearts in issues of professional development, and this is why we're going to devote the rest of March to issues around professional development, both as coaches and classroom teachers...