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Communication, Collaboration, and Clarity: Reaching Your Writers


The more we can communicate, collaborate, and empower the people we work with, both adults and students, so that they know and understand the learning that should be happening in our writing classrooms, the more we will see that learning happen. When we all know what we’re working on and we have the tools and systems to support our pathways, great things happen!

interviews + personal essays.


Dave Eldridge & I have been working on a personal essay unit in his sixth grade class.  As the week went on, I’ve gotten more & more excited about this unit of study.… Continue reading

It’s almost the last Poetry Thursday. :(


Apple At the center, a dark star wrapped in white. When you bit, listen for the crunch of boots on snow, snow that has ripened. Over it stretches the red, starry sky. –Nan… Continue reading