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Reflecting Through the Lens of Writing Process: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Reflection can help foster both a writerly identity and act as a discovery process for possible future goals. This is likely true for any endeavor, whether it be coaching soccer or writing.  This week, we as co-authors have been doing some thinking about the power of self-reflection. One possible lens for reflection is the writing process itself…

The Why, The Slide, and Goal Setting: Keep Learning Going Throughout the Summer

Teachers typically spend the first three-six weeks reviewing previous skills while building routines within their classrooms. What can we do to encourage students to hold on to their learning and practice through the summer? We hope to tackle this question through the week in our blog series.


Writing is a stalwart act. Through writing, we express ourselves, uncover feelings, tell our stories, organize our schedules, share our beliefs, and change our world. To some students (and even adults) writing can seem like a monumental task and writing may feel cumbersome. But when you think of the necessity of writing in our lives, writing is unavoidable.

Finding New Opportunites and Joy: All It Takes Is A Slight Twist

Finding New Opportunities and Joy: All It Takes Is A Slight Twist
This year presented my family and my teaching life with many changes, and each one took real focus for me. I had the opportunity to make a slight turn turning each into a change blessing or a change obstacle. The difference is in considering the intention.

Professional Development Done Your Way: P.D. Possibilities Series

#HilliardU brings the essential elements of professional development together in one event. First, Hilliard U is made up of presentations by teachers of various grade levels and subject areas, academic coaches, related arts teachers, administration and well-known professionals in our field. As participants, we design our day by choosing from a variety of breakout sessions offered or take advantage of a collaboration room to work with colleagues.