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Three Steps to Prioritizing Your Writing Instruction During the Pandemic

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a structure to collaborate with others on your grade-level team, or if you are planning solo here are three steps you can take.

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Three Ideas for Planning a Multiage Curriculum Calendar for Writing Workshop

In this post, I'll share three things I've learned from my own school district, where we have many multiage classrooms.

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Personal Writing Calendars for Each Student

With a personal writing calendar, each kid can see what is going to happen in the unit of study, and has the power to adjust it.

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I received an e-mail from another blogger who teaches middle school who asked about the pacing of the teaching points and units of study. Specifically, she wanted to know, "What if they don't finish in that time period? Do they finish it at home for homework?" I wrote her back, but figured this might be… Continue reading Pacing