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Stixy: My new favorite tech toy

I discovered Stixy this past weekend, which is essentially an online bulletin board. The users of Stixy suggest using it in the following ways:
* for family schedules
* for work projects
* to prepare an upcoming vacation with friends
* to display photos from your last trip
* for sharing files

I took Stixy in a new direction tonight when I created a Stixy with my notations for tomorrow since I got through slightly less than planned during the school day today. Hence, I wanted to keep a Stixy Bulletin Board at my fingertips tomorrow with reminders of things I have to remember or to do throughout the day tomorrow.

If you find other educational uses for Stixy, then please leave them here. I look forward to further collaboration about how other teachers make Stixy work for them.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I like the layout of this web app. My students often use stickies in class to document their thinking, questions, musings, etc. about texts. I imagine students could utilize this platform in a similar way. For example, several students are at a workstation and have questions they want to jott down about a text. In turn, the next group of partners follows up with their own questions and/or responses to the previous participants questions. Not sure if it would support a situation like this, but I have used other sites in a similar way. Seems more creative and intuitive than utilizing a wiki, especially in k-5.


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