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MonthFebruary 2019

Talking to Caregivers about Conventions and Spelling

More than other skills, most caregivers tend to worry about spelling and conventions when it comes to their child’s writing. I get it. Those skills are right there at the tip of the writing iceberg. Those skills are concrete and obvious. Those skills are the ones that they recognize and know how to fix when they sit with their child. So how do we talk to caregivers about spelling and punctuation? Here are three ideas that you may find helpful. 

Budding Bloggers

I remember when I started blogging with my first graders, I dove right in without a thought! Despite my lack of preparedness I never looked back. Blogging inspired and connected my students in ways I never imagined. I know you’ll find the same joy in blogging!

Growing a Classroom Environment Where Writers are Seen and Inspired

A place to make meaning of ourselves and the world around us, writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery. However, when idea-collection tools and drafts are stored in folders, we miss a valuable opportunity to make the diverse lives and experiences of our communities visible. Instead, we can rely on classroom as a tool for making children, their identities, and experiences seen.