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Budding Bloggers

Blogging Joy

If you’re thinking about stepping into the world of classroom blogging and you aren’t sure how to get started this post is going to help you begin your journey! I remember when I started blogging with my first graders, I dove right in without a thought! Despite my lack of preparedness I never looked back. Blogging inspired and connected my students in ways I never imagined. I know you’ll find the same joy in blogging!

Remember, Start with your Purpose

Why do you want your class to blog?

  • To encourage a love of writing?
  • To encourage creativity?
  • To find a writing voice?
  • To set an online presence?
  • To discover writing is fun?
  • Or, to complete an assignment given by the teacher?

Many teachers who welcome blogging into the workshop find it brings love and creativity to writing. In classrooms where students are given carte blanche over topics, genre, and digital tools and media for posting (while maintaining a positive digital presence, of course, remember we are teaching the responsibility of digital citizenship), teachers find blogging breathes a new life into the workshop and blogging sticks. Students look forward to sharing their ideas and creativity.

This ownership in blogging provides writers with an intrinsic motivation for writing. They begin to develop a “writerly” voice and find an audience as they connect with writers who have similar interests. Connections can be as close as the classroom next door, the school across town, or a school in another country. Once a writer has ownership over their writing, and they know they have readers, they’ve found a reason to write, this knowledge fuels writers, unlike any assignment we could ever create for them.

Here are a few popular blogging tools we see on Two Writing Teachers. As you explore, you’ll also want to consider what device you’ll be using to access the blog. Some blogs work differently on desktops than on tablets or iPads.