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Three Keys to Writing Partnership Success

There can be many moving parts in the writing workshop. Partnerships can be a driving force in the growth and goal setting of writers within your classroom. In my experience, there are three areas I work to strengthen within my writers to ensure partnerships foster this growth and development across the year.

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Make Writing: A Book Review

Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies That Turn Writer's Workshop Into a Maker Space is a "MUST READ" for writing teachers. It is a quick read (less than 100 pages), inspiring, practical, and very current, as "maker spaces" are a hot topic in education today. These strategies can be used with all age levels, bring fresh energy to writing workshop, and allow for more students to find their voices as writers.

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So, Why Do I Write? Discovering the Writer’s Life

When the co-authors of Two Writing Teachers invited me to join the team, I was overwhelmed. When Julie Johnson asked me to co-author an iBook through the Columbus Area Writing Project, I was again submerged in fear. I found myself wondering if these writers had read my writing. I mean, if they had read my ramblings on my personal blog they wouldn't be inviting me, right? Do writers ever lose their doubts?

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Writing to Know Your Learners

Writers need to feel ready to write and knowing where, what and how you will begin this thing called writing is an important start. Space and tools are unique to the writer and can change from day to day. Respect this and allow the opportunity for each writer to search and make choices for writing.

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Day 5 of the March SOLSC! #SOL15

It is day five of our 31-day writing challenge. Are you having fun yet? What feels easy? What feels challenging? Please share your thoughts when you leave the link to your slice of life story.

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Work Day

"I still like the first day better than the last day of a school year," I said this morning to Nat and Noah, our babysitters. As a high school junior and seventh grader they were flabbergasted. "Well, I did choose this as a career," I defended, "So I probably have a little different view than… Continue reading Work Day

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Quick Jots

I've come to believe that real writers always need a place to physically write. However, real writers also live real lives. Sometimes it's not always possible to fit an entire writer's notebook (no matter how sleek it is) into a bag when you're going out at night or into the back pocket. (For instance, the… Continue reading Quick Jots

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Teacher Testimony: Christi Overman.

Today, Christi Overman spoke to the teachers in the Beginning Writing Workshop Training. A year ago, Christi occupied a seat in the workshop. At the time she thought she would be teaching kindergarten . . . a few days before school started, she learned she would be in first grade. Along with the whirlwind grade… Continue reading Teacher Testimony: Christi Overman.

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Where do you write?

Rick's post about writing and thinking spaces made me recall my college years in Washington. I used to go to the National Gallery of Art before every history exam (My minor was History.) to study in an atmosphere that was devoid of distractions. I bragged to my friends about how wonderful it was to have… Continue reading Where do you write?

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Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I???

Nancy wrote about her experiences with the Word Count Journal, something I hadn't heard of 'til I read her post. I'm debating whether or not I want to sign up for one? Hmmmm... Could be a neat tool to use in the classroom with kids going-forward. Hence, I'm posting it to my account and… Continue reading Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I???

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Peek Into My Classroom

Some images that represent the writing-related things going on in my classroom. Enjoy the "tour!" (Many of these photos were taken by my students with my camera.) News & Announcement Chart Originally uploaded by teachergal