Work Day

“I still like the first day better than the last day of a school year,” I said this morning to Nat and Noah, our babysitters. As a high school junior and seventh grader they were flabbergasted. “Well, I did choose this as a career,” I defended, “So I probably have a little different view than you.”

Today I helped Christi Overman set up her classroom for next year. A few years ago I heard Franki Sibberson talking about classroom environment. She made the (brilliant) point of setting up the most important spaces in the classroom first. Christi and I followed her advice. We emptied the room and then began with the most important areas first:

Meeting Area

Classroom Library

Small Group Meeting Spots

Scanner/Blogging/Tweeting Computer Area

The desks came last.

Here we are in the midst of setting up Christi's classroom for next year. Here you see part of the meeting area; the scanner/blogging/tweeting computer area; and the end of the classroom library.

As we talked and envisioned and reflected on the school year, I realized how intentional we were being. Every choice we made was based on our philosophy of instruction and intent to empower students. You can tell a lot about a person’s philosophy by checking out the physical environment of a classroom. Christi and I created a space to empower students to live as readers and writers throughout the day.

I think I may still be sweating from our work. 🙂