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End of Workshop Share & Reflection Time

Kids learn more when they are given time to reflect on their learning, self-assess, and check in on goals they are working toward. That's what the end of workshop share and reflection time is for, and too often it gets cut short, or left out completely.

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In Thanks: Books That Built a Writing Teacher

What are the books that have shaped you as a teacher of writing? Reflecting today, in thanks, for the authors and books that have influenced my life as a teacher.

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The Antidote to December Stress: Teach Students to Write about Gratitude

This time of year can be overwhelming, for teachers and students alike. Writing about gratitude is one way to stay present and positive.

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Ending a Year of Teaching Writing with a Group Reflection

One thing I love so much about being an educator is the cyclical nature of the school year. The beginning of the year brings promise, renewed energy, and a certain mania. The middle of the year brings familiarity, routine, and structure. The end of the year brings a slower pace, stepping back, reflection. There is… Continue reading Ending a Year of Teaching Writing with a Group Reflection

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Writing Matters

Today Deb Gaby and I finished leading the third day of a three-day Foundations of Writing Workshop training. At the end, we asked for reflections. Teacher after teacher commented on the impact of adult writing time. In each session, we gave time to write. If we want to learn how to teach writers, it's not… Continue reading Writing Matters

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Big Realization from a Tiny Mouse

I have an irrational fear of mice. It is bad news. My husband has established a preemptive strike in our basement and garage. He engages in an impossible battle to keep our home, which is surrounded by fields, mouse free. He tries to tell me almost everyone has to deal with mice. He says it… Continue reading Big Realization from a Tiny Mouse