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Minilesson Alternatives: Considering OTHER Ways to Kick Off Workshop

If you have ever felt that you were going through the motions of a minilesson, know that there are plenty of other ways you can choose to gather as a community and launch writing time. Here are ten alternatives for beginning a writing workshop session - - with joy, intention, and inspiration.

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Shared Writing: Expanding the Reach with Small Groups

Shared writing isn't just for whole class lessons and isn't just for primary grades! Expand your reach by incorporating small group shared writing lessons in any grade!

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Shared Writing: A tool to come back to

For many writers, myself included, completing a piece of writing is a major accomplishment. For some writers, it's hard to even envision a completed piece of writing. Shared writing can be a really useful strategy for inspiring these writers!

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Predictable Barriers for Writers– and Some Ways Around

Identifying barriers and teaching into ways through, around, or over them will help writers not only with their immediate process, but also with their future endeavors.

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Seen, Valued, Heard: Leveraging Shared Writing to Build Community

In my experience, many young writers struggle to use a writer’s notebook as a tool. They’re excited to have a notebook but unclear about what to “do” in there. Shared writing can be a powerful way to teach writers how to generate ideas for writing and to get themselves started, based on the books we are reading and discussing as a community.

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Three Ideas for Oral Storytelling in the Classroom

Some sit at a keyboard and the words just pour out. Others use a pen and paper, working slowly and deliberately. I know one writer who prefers a typewriter to a laptop.

And then there are the storytellers.

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It’s Now or Never to Start Up a Shared Writing Routine

Hey, pssst... Yeah, you. Have you noticed that it's already the middle of April? It's spring. There are only a matter of weeks left in the school year (not that anyone's counting). And that thing you meant to do this year... that really fun, super cool thing you learned last summer at a summer institute,… Continue reading It’s Now or Never to Start Up a Shared Writing Routine

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In Thanks: Books That Built a Writing Teacher

What are the books that have shaped you as a teacher of writing? Reflecting today, in thanks, for the authors and books that have influenced my life as a teacher.

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Conferring Toolkits: Class Stories, Shared Writing and Interactive Writing

Whether it's storytelling, or shared writing, or interactive writing, any piece of writing that your whole class created together is going to be extremely helpful to have at your fingertips while you are moving about the classroom conferring.