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Thinking About and Honoring Individual Writing Processes

Some great and reflective conversations could happen if students consider both their current writing processes and how to change them in order to become more productive.

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The Writer’s Process: Expand the Possibilities of the Genres You Teach

What do you find most challenging when it comes to the writing process? Have you considered a writer's process as personal and unique or a step-by-step path rarely disrupted?

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Spicing Up Revision

During the revision phase of the writing process, I find that many writers will often 'tinker' rather than really revise for meaning.  Perhaps you've see similar behaviors in your middle school writers? Read on to learn a few tips for spicing up revision!

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The Writing Process for Perfectionists

To put it simply, the writing process can be excruciating for our perfectionists. If we aren’t careful, we can unintentionally curb the enthusiasm of a writer who leans toward perfection.

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Five Tips to Building a Rereading Habit

Do you make time for your writers to reread? Rereading is one of those pieces of the workshop we might be assuming our writers are doing but direction is needed to really make it a habit. Here are five tips to give rereading a place in your writing workshop this year.

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Reflecting Through the Lens of Writing Process: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Reflection can help foster both a writerly identity and act as a discovery process for possible future goals. This is likely true for any endeavor, whether it be coaching soccer or writing.  This week, we as co-authors have been doing some thinking about the power of self-reflection. One possible lens for reflection is the writing process itself...

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Misunderstandings Within The Writing Process

The writing process is not always linear, it is not a circle of steps, it is not something that needs to be done the same way twice. The writing process might be different everytime a writer sits down to start. It might be different for someone writing a poem one day and an essay a week later. The writing process is as unique as the writer. Embrace the process and its endless possibilities as students move forward.

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Doing the Same Work as Our Students

I made many mistakes during my first year of teaching. I'm too embarrassed to blog about most of them since I cringe when I look back on my first year of teaching. I got so much wrong. However, there is one thing I got right from the start during year one. Thanks to the support of Pat Werner, who… Continue reading Doing the Same Work as Our Students

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Writing Takes Guts: My Writing Backstory

The realization of this moment gave me chills and led me to share my writing backstory with Dana. Dana listened and encouraged me to open my presentation with this story. I was hesitant, the experience had halted my inner writer for years. What if sharing it again had the same result?