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Discover What Writers REALLY Need By Kidwatching

Anytime we pay careful attention and take non-judgemental notes about how students are learning what to do as writers, we gain valuable insight on how to better instruct them.

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Interrogating Our Feedback: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

As I get ready to head back into my classroom, I am thinking about my feedback and the intention vs. outcome.

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A Pathway in For Opinion Writing

Accessibility to resources and information becomes critically important as students move into the realm of supporting their opinions --or even developing their opinions--, and as with other forms of writing, the more options and pathways provided, the more likelihood of success. This is why I appreciate the resources from KQED.

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Tools for Note-Taking

There are multiple potential hurdles that prevent students from becoming effective informative writers, including possible resource texts that may be above their benchmarks, as well as students' lack of experience with specific strategies for note-taking and organization of their thoughts. The use of thinking maps, especially circle maps and tree maps, to help develop their note-taking and informative writing skills can't be overstated when supporting students to becoming more engaged in their writing.