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Integrating Social Justice Work Into Writing

I became a teacher to promote equity and social justice, but I'm not always sure what to do next for and with my students. The Social Justice Standards provide a roadmap for educators and integrate especially well with writing.

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Activism, Achievement, Abundance: Celebrations of Black Excellence

Through the variety of resources, the widening of access points, the flexibility of expression, and the inclusion of art as a mode for interpretation and analysis, all students- especially students who have been historically marginalized- have additional opportunities for impactful instruction and participation.

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A Book Museum for Black History Month

Here's an idea, shared by an inspirational professional colleague that I'm working toward for February 2021, and if anyone is interested in collaborating and joining in the planning of this, I'd welcome partners.

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Look Harder, Be Braver, and Speak Louder: My Challenge to Myself

Right now, I want more than Hallie did when she wrote to her sister, Codi in one of my favorite books of all times, Animal Dreams, by Barbara Kingsolver. That being said, I will continue down my own hallway, running harder, stretching my arms further. And my hope is that there are more of us who are doing the same.

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A Few Reflections and Shares From NCTE 2019

For the last few days, I have had the privilege of attending the National Council of Teachers of English Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. While there were many colleagues and friends who shared the experience, I know many others couldn't attend. I'm sure there are others who will share in the upcoming weeks, but for now, in somewhat of a post-convention haze, I'm scrolling through my notes and pulling out some of my favorite quotes and ideas from my experiences.

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Everyone Gets What They Need: Reaching Your Writers

How a story about babies and bandages helped kids and families differentiate between equity and equality....and what it looks like for everyone go get what they need during writing workshop.

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From Skin Study to Writing Workshop

After finishing each swirl of her curly hair, Camila circled her paintbrush around and around, forming eyes. For many children, the self-portrait stops here, at the outline.  I kneeled next to the young artist, holding a mirror in my hand, and said, “Camila, look at how the colors you are choosing match your hair, your… Continue reading From Skin Study to Writing Workshop

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On Becoming an Anti-Racist Teacher of Young Writers

A move to a school in my Brooklyn neighborhood has me questioning my role as a white teacher of young, Black writers -- and what my former role was as a white teacher of white students.

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Respecting Student Creativity: Teaching Writing With A Social Justice Lens

Whether students choose to express themselves in the form of writing prose, poetry or creating a video, the choice belongs to the writer.

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Thinking About Implicit Bias: Teaching Writing With a Social Justice Lens

As we think about our implicit biases, maybe the most important thing is that we increase our awareness and act from a place of humility and reflection-- with a willingness to take a look at parts of our belief systems and behaviors that are uncomfortable, at best. When we know better, we do better. And isn’t that the goal?