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When Writing Feels Right: Exalting Choice and Purpose in Workshop

When writers feel empowered to write for their own personal catharsis, it matters. When writers know they will have the opportunity to strengthen their writing alongside peers, it matters. When writers have greater degrees of choice around topic and genre, it matters. And when, at times, there’s a wider audience for writing, beyond classroom walls or the teacher’s eyes alone, there is often deeper motivation.


Building Space for Voice

On a drive with my eldest son a few days ago, I turned to ask him, “Have you ever felt racism?”  My sons are 21 and 24 years old. We are brown. It is what most people assume upon noticing our last name, Rodriguez. This was my first time asking a question of this nature… Continue reading Building Space for Voice

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Respecting Student Creativity: Teaching Writing With A Social Justice Lens

Whether students choose to express themselves in the form of writing prose, poetry or creating a video, the choice belongs to the writer.

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Honoring Student Voice: Teaching Writing With a Social Justice Lens

“Did he read it yet?”  Anxiously, I stared into my mother’s eyes as she stepped inside the house, closing the front door behind her.  After a day of teaching elementary school, my mom dropped her bag of schoolwork just inside the front door and began fishing about inside its contents.  A few days prior, I… Continue reading Honoring Student Voice: Teaching Writing With a Social Justice Lens

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Q&A with the Author of “Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors?” + a Giveaway

Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors? The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell is an expertly crafted biography that can be used to teach students a variety of craft moves during a biography writing unit of study.

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GUEST BLOG POST: Say It Like a Writer

Karren Colbert is an educational consultant and founder of Write Brained Learning.  She works with elementary teachers across the country and also presents at state and national conferences. Karren blogs at The Write Brained Teacher and occasionally tweets @karrencolbert. This is a story of a boy named Alex. Maybe you know him. He is the boy… Continue reading GUEST BLOG POST: Say It Like a Writer