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How Many Stars? Tools for self-assessment and goal-setting

The more we show learners what the work looks like at different levels and the reasons for that level, the better they are able to self-assess, set goals, and improve.

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Slice of Life: Conferring

There's a kid in my class that I'm continually impressed by.  His answers are straight-out honest and typically thoughtful.  He participates, even though at first glance I didn't think he would.  And yesterday he asked me to help him with the dialogue in his writing. "I took your advice and worked in some dialogue in… Continue reading Slice of Life: Conferring

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Standard English vs. Texting.

In my most November 2008 issue of The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, I came across an article by Gloria E. Jacobs, "We Learn What We Do:  Developing a Repertoire of Writing Practices in an Instant Messaging World.  The tag line caught my eye: Students can be proficient in instant messaging as well as… Continue reading Standard English vs. Texting.

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Check out this Providence Journal article about a student who wrote a persuasive letter to Lowe's and was granted a response bigger than he ever imagined. Bernardo Garcia wanted mulch for their outside play area, so he wrote a persuasive letter to the executive vice president of store operations for Lowe's, Michael K. Brown.  Brown, upon returning… Continue reading Wow!