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Stronger Together: How Tech Specialists Can Support Writing

Today, Two Writing Teachers brings you a voice from the community. Anna Davis is a Technology Integration Coach for Northbrook / Glenview District 30 where I teach. Anna's pretty humble in her responses, so I'll take it upon myself to tell you: Anna works miracles. It's not just that she comes with a wide range of knowledge about apps, strategies and hardware. Anna helps teachers like me articulate goals for students, choose effective (and exciting!) ways to get there, and she offers hands-on support both in and out of the classroom. I can only hope that every school has an Anna. Here's what she had to say.

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Yes &… with Digital Tools We Can

As we set off to create writers who write in tandem with the printed world and the digital world there are a few we need to consider.

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8 Great Ways to Meet Writers Where They Are

Throughout the conference, I watched, listened, and played with digital tools and all along I thought about our students and how digital tools have the capability to make all students feel successful.  I was in awe of the opportunities digital devices bring to our classrooms.

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A Data System For Tracking Progress

The  last post I wrote was about what students will say leads to their growth as writers. In that post, I mentioned the data system we use to track their progress, and several people asked me about it. Therefore, I am trying to explain some of its major and duplicable features. We actually developed it during… Continue reading A Data System For Tracking Progress

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Let this be a reminder to you too!

I almost lost this: It's not quite a tragedy, since it is something I could have recovered. Granted it wouldn't have been much fun and I would have been grumbling on the inside about the time it takes to collect and scan old photos, especially old photos I've already scanned. Still, it was recoverable.   Other… Continue reading Let this be a reminder to you too!

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My Life as a Reader.

The first unit of study is coming to a close.  The summative assessment is two part.  First, students are to create a multimedia presentation (text + image + audio) of their past, present, and future reading lives.  (Part two is an on-demand writing, where they summarize their learning about reading + a reflection of this… Continue reading My Life as a Reader.

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Tech Tools You Should Know About Too

I met with one of my colleagues after school yesterday to talk-tech with her. We did some URL swapping as well. Here are some of the amazing sites she informed me about, which I wanted to pass on to you. Common Craft is a small company that makes easy-to-understand videos about various aspects of the… Continue reading Tech Tools You Should Know About Too

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Standard English vs. Texting.

In my most November 2008 issue of The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, I came across an article by Gloria E. Jacobs, "We Learn What We Do:  Developing a Repertoire of Writing Practices in an Instant Messaging World.  The tag line caught my eye: Students can be proficient in instant messaging as well as… Continue reading Standard English vs. Texting.

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A Couple “Techy” Rubrics

Earlier this week, I posted about the process of determining how to attach grades to chats and discussion forums.  Before break, my students divided into two groups and determined the areas which should be evaluated when assessing the success of a chat or discussion thread. I took their ideas and created two rubrics.  The chat rubric… Continue reading A Couple “Techy” Rubrics

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Swarming Thoughts

Since I returned from San Antonio late Monday night, I've had two days with my students as I embrace my shifted paradigm of using technology.  I really didn't realize that I needed to shift my thinking in regards to using technology in the classroom, but I did.  And I wish I could pinpoint the one session… Continue reading Swarming Thoughts

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Reflecting on Digi-Storytelling

Last night, Stacey & I put together our first digital story.  Although it is quite rough, a bit cheesy, and borderline ridiculous -- the benefits far outweigh the potential embarrassing consequences of posting it.  Between then and now, I've thought about the process that we engaged in while creating our digital story, as well as… Continue reading Reflecting on Digi-Storytelling