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Ending the Year with Intention

When this post goes live, there will be just 13 teaching days left in my school year. The end is coming quickly and more than ever, every minute counts. I'm thinking about how to spend each moment with the readers and writers I learn alongside and teach. What will we make time for? What will… Continue reading Ending the Year with Intention

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Celebrating Writers and Teachers

It’s the end of the school year and our days are full of reflections, assessments, and all kinds of celebrations. During those final days before summer vacation begins, we find many ways celebrate student growth and recognize their accomplishments. And of course my favorite celebration is a simple and informal writing share with parents and… Continue reading Celebrating Writers and Teachers

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Our End Of The Year Family Writing Celebration

I teach writing very differently from the way in which I was taught writing. I suspect that many of the parents of my sixth graders feel the same way when their kids come home with stories about mini lessons, mentor texts, and genre studies. “What do all these terms mean anyway?” they must wonder, “and exactly how do they advance my kid’s writing?”.

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Happy New Year! Using Celebration to Restore and Build our Identities as Writers

Lindsay Reyes began her teaching career seven years ago in South Carolina where she taught 4th and 5th graders. Following her heart for urban education and literacy reform, she moved to New York City where she taught middle school in the South Bronx. She has experience teaching General Ed and Special Ed (as a Collaborative… Continue reading Happy New Year! Using Celebration to Restore and Build our Identities as Writers

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Let’s Celebrate!

Today was the end of the trimester at my school.  This also means it is the end of the course I've been teaching for the past twelve weeks.  Naturally, we held a writing celebration.  I teamed up with another teacher, Tif Beer, and we put together a: RED CARPET CELEBRITY EVENT Writing Celebration & Awards Banquet… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate!

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Hooray! Hooray! Today’s the 100th Day!!!

I used to think the 100th Day was bogus (when I started teaching).  I didn't get it (probably because I never celebrated it as a kid).  However, as the years went on, I've grown to LOVE the 100th Day of School.  I have soooo much planned to do today, which includes a Poetry Friday Poem… Continue reading Hooray! Hooray! Today’s the 100th Day!!!

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Back to Basics: Sharing (Part of TWT’s Big Picture Series)

Katherine Bomer said, “Writing celebration is the most important part of the writing process” (TCRWP Key Note Address, 7/8/08). Bomer suggests that this is because every writer writes for the purpose of having someone listen to what they’ve written. Therefore, when students share their writing with their peers at the end of a writing Workshop,… Continue reading Back to Basics: Sharing (Part of TWT’s Big Picture Series)

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Remember to Celebrate!

Publishing Party - October 2004, originally uploaded by teachergal. Katherine Bomer spoke about the celebrating the work our young writers do when she delivered the Keynote Address at the TCRWP July Writing Institute. She made me reflect on the way I celebrate my students' work, which I do at the end of each unit of… Continue reading Remember to Celebrate!