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ICYMI: Notebooks as a Writer’s Tool


November is always a busy time of year. It’s when you might finally feel like the year is in a groove and at the same time elements of your writing workshop may need a boost. We tackled writer’s notebooks all week long and I know I was inspired to use them as a tool in different ways with my students this year. In case you missed a post, here is a recap of last week!


On Sunday, I shared suggestions for teachers who are working to strike the right balance between support and freedom within the writer’s notebook and the writer’s who possess them.

Stacey pumped us up on Monday, with six tips for keeping the energy alive within a writer’s notebook all year long. This post is a great one to come back to when you feel the energy slipping away.

Kelsey helped us reimagine the notebook’s purpose with “the idea book.” Be sure to read her post from Tuesday to see approachable primary tips for building foundations with notebooks.

On Wednesday, Lanny shared four clear purposes for the writer’s notebook. You also don’t want to miss the story he shares about learning to drive with a clutch from his grandmother.

Kathleen shared several options for writers to think about when organizing or not organizing a notebook. Be sure to take a peek at all the treasures in her post from Thursday.

On Friday, Beth shared tips on differentiating the notebook across grade levels. Her infographic is one you will want to come back to many times over.

Melanie challenged us on Saturday to think intentionally when using the writer’s notebook within any unit of study. She shared a chart that has been foundational for her when entering conversations with students and teachers about the question: What goes in a writer’s notebook?

Finally, on Sunday, Deb shared four beautiful texts that will be mentors to all the notebook writers in your classroom.

But that’s not all…

All week long we hosted a Slow Twitter Chat. Melanie explained what this is in her overview post at the beginning of the series. If you want to catch up on all the questions and responses throughout the week, search #TWTBlog on Twitter to put your voice in the conversation!


Thank you to all who commented throughout the series. After using a random number generator from the collection of comments the winner of a twenty-minute skype visit with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is Kim Burris!


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