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Partnerships Can Provide Purpose and Power

All writers seek feedback.  All writers write for an audience.  All writers question themselves. And for these reasons, writers long to bring their work to another person-- another set of eyes, another pair of ears.  Hence, the writing partner in writing workshop.  When working well, partnerships can help grow the confidence of each writer in our classes by providing support, authentic peer feedback, and a sounding board for ideas.  Here are a few ingredients to consider when creating a community of writers...

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A Few Questions for Peter H. Johnston + a Book Giveaway

I've learned the importance of communicating clearly with students through the Responsive Classroom training I've had and books I've read about teacher-talk.  One book that resonated with me several years ago was Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning by Peter H. Johnston.  In his book, Johnston made me think deeply about the words… Continue reading A Few Questions for Peter H. Johnston + a Book Giveaway

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Praising Kids. Talking to Kids. Questioning Kids.

I've been doing Pilates since August 2008.  I started it in order to get stronger after some surgery I had in 2007.  I've been doing it three times a week for the past few months.  While I have nothing even close to Madonna's physique, I have certainly become stronger.  My Pilates Instructor is very cautious… Continue reading Praising Kids. Talking to Kids. Questioning Kids.

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Peter Johnston + Agency

These words of Peter Johnston's from his book Choice Words (2004) have been tumbling around in my mind this weekend.  I plan to keep them close as I go about my work this week. If nothing else, children should leave school with a sense that if they act, and act strategically, they can accomplish their goals… Continue reading Peter Johnston + Agency

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The Language We Use When We Teach

I attended a workshop with Peter H. Johnston, Author of Choice Words, over two years ago.  He spoke a lot about the language we use when we teach.  A lot of what he said stuck.  Couple the Johnston Workshop with a week-long Responsive Classroom Training Institute and I have to admit that I needed to… Continue reading The Language We Use When We Teach

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I had the pleasure of hearing Linda Christensen deliver the keynote address at today's RIWP Spring 2008 Conference. Linda wrote a book entitled Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching About Social Justice and the Power, so it was natural for her to speak on the subject of the "Politics of Language: Teaching About Language and… Continue reading MAKING KIDS FEEL BIG, NOT small.

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our talk.

This week I have been working with some stellar teachers.  My role in their rooms has been that of a team teacher and so it's been easy for me to absorb things from them.  One of the things I've been struck by is the way they talk with their students.  They are so kind, so… Continue reading our talk.

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NCTE National Convention

After meeting Andi, Angela, Beth, and Molly at the WLU Conference in Louisville last month, I decided to attend the 2007 NCTE Convention in New York City. (Those four ladies will also be presenting at NCTE on 11/17 in a session called "OBSERVING DIVERISTY: A 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM INQUIRY JOURNEY.") I received the convention preview… Continue reading NCTE National Convention