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Seen, Valued, Heard: Creating Heart Maps to Build Identity

What do you notice in the world that you would like to change?” “Are there examples of injustices, inequality, or prejudice in my school, neighborhood, town or city?”

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Heart Maps: A Review and a Giveaway

"My hope is that as you explore heart mapping with your writers, you will fall in love with the stories and poems, truths and courage that will unfold--both theirs and your own." Georgia Heard in her newest book, Heart Maps.

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Give Heart Maps a Rest! Try Writing Territory Maps

The heart map is a great tool for helping students find personally meaningful topics, but used year after year, it might feel a little stale. Writing territory maps is another option!

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{Discover. Play. Build.} More on Maps

Last week... Stacey blogged about updating heart maps. (See everything we've blogged about heart maps here.) B. blogged about hand lists. I was reminded about writing close to the bones. I kept thinking about my slice of life pepperoni pizza. Aren't these just fancy lists? you may be wondering. The short answer is yes. But… Continue reading {Discover. Play. Build.} More on Maps

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Updating Your Map

The navigation system I have in my car is three years old.  Considering there's been a great deal of construction in an area I travel to frequently, my GPS doesn't do a great job getting me around that area.  I know I have to update my navigation system because of this, but I don't want… Continue reading Updating Your Map

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For Art’s Sake!!!

Whenever I think of an art-related activity to do with my students that isn't an actual craft project, I always ask myself, "Will they get something out of this or am I doing art work art's sake?" In case you're wondering what I mean by art for art's sake, that means doing an art activity… Continue reading For Art’s Sake!!!

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Getting Started with My Territories

I decided it was time for me to start doing the work I'm going to ask my students to do this fall with regard to mapping their writing territories. The following photo includes my bulleted list of territories plus one of them with 12 different things I can write about the larger territory. Now I… Continue reading Getting Started with My Territories

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Heart Mapping & Writing Territories

I've been having my students map their hearts, to help them generate ideas for writing, when they're stuck, for as long as I've been teaching. However, last week when I was at the TCRWP's Summer Institute for the Teaching of Writing, the words "writing territories" seemed to be mentioned everywhere. I was familiar with this… Continue reading Heart Mapping & Writing Territories

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WNW: Mapping Your Teaching Heart & Writing About One Item in Your Heart

Please use Mr. Linky and/or post a comment with your entry. Thanks for participating today! Ruth's entry can be found by clicking here. Stacey's entry can be found by clicking here.

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ruth’s wn entry: teaching heart map

I teach because of relationships.  I teach to impact others in positive ways.  I was surprised, looking over my map because of what's not there.  No units, no grammar, no standards.  Nothing of what fills a typical plan book. Instead, this seems to be a start to make visible what is often invisible.  It's about… Continue reading ruth’s wn entry: teaching heart map

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A Twist on Heart Maps

Georgia Heard came up with the idea first. Penny Kittle adapted it. I'm bringing it from NCTE to you. Create a Map of your TEACHING Heart. Record the places you've worked, the people who've inspired you, special moments, memorable students, etc. Here's the one I created on Sunday (and colored last night): A charge for… Continue reading A Twist on Heart Maps