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“Write Beside Them,” said Penny Kittle. And so I did…

After reading Write Beside Them, Tara Smith realized she had to connect her teacher and writer identities. No longer would it be enough to share mentor texts and confer. She realized she needed to share her writing life with her students and walk them through her thinking as she wrote.

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One of the common threads running through the All-Write Conference was having mentors. I'm wondering who are your favorite mentors to use in your classroom and to use for your own writing. For me, I enjoy using Jacqueline Woodson and Jane Yolen in classrooms as well as for my own writing. In addition I hope… Continue reading Mentors

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Rapid Writes

Penny Kittle and Don Graves's Quick Writes Book attracted some of my kids inasmuch as I adapted some of the "Quick Writes" for my students to use as homework (if they needed an idea of something to write about). About two weeks ago, I decided to pull some of the Stories in Hand Sparks, from… Continue reading Rapid Writes

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Ruth’s Slice: Rekindled.

I spent Monday and Tuesday being inspired by Penny Kittle.  My thoughts swirled as  she shared her ideas, passion, and love for teaching students to write well in that no-nonsense genuine style of her's.  I was reminded that the fight for good teaching to trump standardized tests is a worthy one, even though the battle… Continue reading Ruth’s Slice: Rekindled.

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All-Write Summer Institute: Day Two.

What a whirlwind!  And coming home to three young children didn't slow life down any!  True to form, I'm going to write another list of good stuff from day two. Storyboards ROCK -- for all grade levels.  Penny spent time discussing her use of storyboards.  Basically it is pictures + few words.  At the younger… Continue reading All-Write Summer Institute: Day Two.

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All-Write Summer Institute 2008: Day One

Today I've been able to soak up thinking and ideas and general good stuff from: Penny Kittle. Lester Laminack. Katherine Bomer. My, oh my! To say my brain is swirling would be an understatement. How do I even begin to capture my learning and thinking and growing? I think I'll begin a list of stuff… Continue reading All-Write Summer Institute 2008: Day One

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Are you up for one more challenge?

When Ruth and I developed Two Writing Teachers last year, we wanted it to be a place where teachers could be fueled with a passion for teaching, writing, and living. We also wanted it to be a place where we shared our own writing and reflected on our teaching: celebrating when it went well and… Continue reading Are you up for one more challenge?

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Quick Writes for A Kid

Quick Writes Note To Student Originally uploaded by teachergal I came across my list of follow-ups from Family-Teacher Conferences on my desk this evening as I was trying to clean up. I found something I didn't do yet... "Provide her with Quick Writes." That was the note I wrote to remind myself to give one… Continue reading Quick Writes for A Kid

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A Twist on Heart Maps

Georgia Heard came up with the idea first. Penny Kittle adapted it. I'm bringing it from NCTE to you. Create a Map of your TEACHING Heart. Record the places you've worked, the people who've inspired you, special moments, memorable students, etc. Here's the one I created on Sunday (and colored last night): A charge for… Continue reading A Twist on Heart Maps

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It’s not everyday you get Don Graves’ feedback on your writing!

I learned so much at the final session I attended at NCTE today. The session, "Writing from your Teaching Life," was led by Don Graves, Penny Kittle, Meg Petersen, and Karen Hartman. What a treat to have all of these great writers and teachers in the same room! First, we made a map of our… Continue reading It’s not everyday you get Don Graves’ feedback on your writing!