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Getting Started with My Territories

I decided it was time for me to start doing the work I’m going to ask my students to do this fall with regard to mapping their writing territories. The following photo includes my bulleted list of territories plus one of them with 12 different things I can write about the larger territory.

My Writing Territories + 1 Developed Territory

Now I just need to figure out how to cuten-this-up for my kiddies since I became a sucker for heart maps for the past three years.

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  1. Hey, Stacey,

    I just thought of this. And it kind of relates to the comment above, which is that it can take awhile to figure out your territories (and they’re constantly morphing, in some way or another). What if you started with your heart map activity, or with the bulleted or webbing that you did here, and then at the end of your launching unit, studied Ralph’s map and maybe a few other “maps” (for some reason visions of the pictures from “Tar Beach” come to mind) and then set the kids loose to do their own artistic “maps” based on what they’re learning about themselves and their territories as writers…


  2. I have always used heart maps with my students too, but have also heard Lucy talk strongly about writing territories. I always seemed to find that my kids ended up figuring out their territories after making their heart map and seeing what topics kept coming up and also reflecting on the beginning of their writers notebooks to see what topics they keep writing about and returning to. I am curious to see what ideas you come up with about writing territories because then I can try them out too!


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