ruth’s wn entry: teaching heart map

I teach because of relationships.  I teach to impact others in positive ways.  I was surprised, looking over my map because of what’s not there.  No units, no grammar, no standards.  Nothing of what fills a typical plan book.

Instead, this seems to be a start to make visible what is often invisible.  It’s about relationships and growing as a person. Becoming more balanced and living more authentically.  It’s about loving because we’re human.  And caring to make the world better for each other.

 Those names on my list represent people who care more about people than they do curriculum.  This is a brave stance to take, but these people remind me to do just that.  And the students on the list — they remind me why.

My heart map serves as a reminder to make the invisible — love, kindness, balance, boldness, hope, caring — visible to my students.  Because this is the stuff that really matters in life.