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CategoryDreaming Big for This Year’s Writing Workshop Blog Series

In Case You Missed it: Dreaming Big in This Year’s Writing Workshop

Thank you for joining us for our blog series Dreaming Big in This Year’s Writing Workshop. We hope you will join us for a Twitter Chat on Monday, August 13th at … Continue Reading In Case You Missed it: Dreaming Big in This Year’s Writing Workshop

This is the Year I’m Going to Make Share Time a Priority

A glance at the clock tells me we have just three minutes to get our coats and lunches and line up. Students are still writing, but now there is no time to gather and share.  I sigh, realizing this has become a pattern; without a clear plan for making the share happen, it often does not. But all that will change because… This is the year I’m going to make share time a priority!

This Is the Year I’m Going to Write Alongside My Students

When a teacher not only brings the knowledge and pedagogy to teach, but also love, passion, and an ability to demonstrate– whether it be playing an instrument, speaking another language, or writing– a certain authenticity is added. My father used to call it “walking the talk.” This week, my colleagues at Two Writing Teachers are committed to supporting teachers in dreaming big for this year’s writing workshop. Perhaps part of dream your for this year will be to authentically live the life of a writer! Here is some inspiration to make that dream a reality . . .