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We’re Back, Full of Dreams!

The expression, Out of sight, out of mind, doesn’t quite hold true for teachers. The NYC school year goes through most of June, so as much as I try to detach in July, I dip my toes in and out of the educational world via Twitter, my professional book stack, and the vast amount of resources readily available online.

By August, I’m waist-deep in school mode. While attempting to be present in every moment of vacation while it lasts, I begin moving through my stack of books a little more quickly, having conversations about new research and ideas with colleagues, and attending conferences. Little waves of stress begin to roll in, but quickly pass with the tide.

For me, August has always been about dreaming. Dreams for the weeks ahead and the memories yet to be made. Dreams for the kind of teacher I will be in the upcoming school year. Dreams for the kind of community I will nurture. Dreams of the kids that I will soon call my own — what they will create, what they will teach me, how they will grow from being in each other’s lives. Dreams of the surprises that are in store, as the journey unfolds.

The Two Writing Teachers team has been dreaming as well. For us, the beginning of August is all about turning these dreams into actionable intentions. TWT_celebrates

  • On August 5th, Betsy will kick off our 20th blog series, titled: Dreaming Big for This Year’s Writing Workshop. We have gotten to take a sneak peak at each other’s posts, and can say with certainty, this series is not to be missed (nor is the book giveaway)!
  • Advances in technology each year improve the way we can communicate with families, schools, communities, authors, and experts around the world. Hoping to communicate together where it is most accessible to you, we are excited to share that we have made an Instagram account. We hope you’ll join us by following @twowritingteachersblog or by using the hashtag #twtblog.

We’re back to our typical posting schedule. Stay tuned for Betsy’s post on Sunday, in which she will be sharing the specific dreams we will be conquering in our upcoming series. Until then, we’d love to hear about the dreams you have for the upcoming school year, for your teaching, and for your soon-to-be community of writers in the comments section below…pssst…There’s something really powerful about actually writing your dreams!


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  1. I saw a great quote on Twitter (which I tweeted out last night) that one is too burned out to reflect on the school year in June. This is the time to reflect. What a powerful thought. I guess our series will be well-timed!


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