Q&A About the Upcoming Classroom SOLSC

Julie Johnson invited me to Skype with third and fourth grade students at her school about the upcoming Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I spoke for a few minutes about how the SOLSC started and then I took questions from the students.  (They prepared fantastic questions!)  Julie recorded the conversation and graciously uploaded part of it to YouTube so it could be shared with those of you who are contemplating doing the month-long challenge with your students.  However, the video call was too long to upload to YouTube in its entirety.  Therefore, Julie uploaded it to a site called TooBigforEmail.com.  Therefore, if you’d like to watch the video call with your students in its entirety, then click here to download it now.

A short disclaimer: I usually Skype in my office, but due to the temporary home office swap I did the video call from my husband’s office.  I didn’t realize how bright it was!  If only they made the windows of yourself a bit larger during the video calls.  (Sigh.)

It’s not too late to mobilize your students.  Get an overview of what you need to do to get the challenge up and running for your students by clicking here.