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A Couple “Techy” Rubrics

Earlier this week, I posted about the process of determining how to attach grades to chats and discussion forums.  Before break, my students divided into two groups and determined the areas which should be evaluated when assessing the success of a chat or discussion thread.

I took their ideas and created two rubrics.  The chat rubric is worth five points and will be used following each chat that happens in class.  (It is my hope that they will eventually be able to complete these for themselves.)

My vision for the discussion thread rubric is to use it once a week.  The discussion forum is becoming a staple in our classroom, as it allows for immediate response to one’s thoughts — and my students have raved about it.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on the rubrics.  Please note that they have not been used and most likely will be tweaked once I’ve tested them.

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