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QR Codes

My kids are junkies when it comes to QR Codes. They love spotting them. They are addicted to the thrill of scanning. They like the possibility of where the QR Code might take them. Today in the Tech Workshop (which should be renamed to Taking Time to Tackle Technology), we talked a little about QR… Continue reading QR Codes

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Social Networking: Trying Out Pinterest and Twitter

A couple months ago I started seeing images that had the words “via Pinterest” on my friends’ Facebook news feeds. It took about a week ‘til my curiosity was piqued enough to find out what Pinterest was. Once I found out what it was, I requested an invite. Once I received a Pinterest account, I… Continue reading Social Networking: Trying Out Pinterest and Twitter

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Beyond Classroom Walls

One of the fantastic sessions I attended at NCTE was called "Beyond Classroom Walls: Honoring Voices of Young Readers."  It was led by Julie Johnson of Raising Readers and Writers, Katie Keier of Catching Readers, and Cathy Mere of Reflect and Refine.  Let me start by saying that all three of these women are the… Continue reading Beyond Classroom Walls

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Tech Workshop — Cool Things Before the Presentation

My friend June Yazel and I are putting together a workshop called: Tackling Technology in a Writer's World. We are planning two different versions, one for elementary teachers and another for content area secondary teachers. Although similar, the secondary version will focus more on research and informational writing while the elementary version will focus more… Continue reading Tech Workshop — Cool Things Before the Presentation

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Texting in the Middle of the Night

I recently accepted "friend requests" from some of my former students who are now in high school.  I've found myself playing the role of parent more than once, telling them to go to sleep (when I was up late feeding my daughter), to watch their language, and to think before they post a status update… Continue reading Texting in the Middle of the Night

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Tweeting Responsibly

Mike Wise thought he had a cool idea. "The Washington Post" sportswriter tweeted a phony scoop this week saying that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, suspended by the NFL over an accusation of sexual misconduct would be out for five games. Wise did it for his Washington radio show to show how "anybody will print… Continue reading Tweeting Responsibly

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I recently read a post on Raising Reading and Writers that talked about Glogster.  I hadn't heard of Glogster, which is a tool for creating virtual posters, and therefore checked it out immediately.  This is a site that allows you to create a poster through text, images, video, and music.  Once you create your own… Continue reading Glogster

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Make Writing Workshop Work Better

I will be consulting with a couple of teachers next month who have questions about how to make Writing Workshop work better for their special needs students.  One teacher has a student with Asperger's Syndrome, while the other teacher has students with other learning disabilities.  Since I've never taught a student diagnosed with Asperger's, I've… Continue reading Make Writing Workshop Work Better

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Digital Storytelling: Technology & Mentors

The latest copy of NCTE's School Talk arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  The present issue is entitled "21st Century Literacies: Young Children Reading and Writing in a Digital World." Ceil Candreva wrote one of the articles, "Paving New Pathways to Literacy in the 21st Century," in the issue. Candreva asserted: Digital storytelling expands the potential… Continue reading Digital Storytelling: Technology & Mentors

Web 2.0


I credit Kylene Beers with being the first person to tell me about Twitter in the Summer of 2007 when I was enrolled in a week-long course she was teaching at the TCRWP Summer Reading Institute.  Beers took some time to explain a variety of Web 2.0 technologies.  Until Beers talked about tweeting, I thought… Continue reading Tweets

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A Different Kind of Pen Pal

I was so honored to chair "Integrating Blogs, Podcasting, and Digital Videos into Fourth and Fifth Grade Language Arts Classes" at NCTE this year.  I learned a tremendous amount about the right way to integrate technology into classrooms from these California educators (i.e., Carl Withaus, Gail Desler, Aparna Sinha, Manuel Senna, and Lesley McKillop).  What… Continue reading A Different Kind of Pen Pal

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Creating Comics from a Real Life Experience

We were fortunate to cross paths into Kevin Hodgson when we were walking through the Convention Center at NCTE this afternoon.  He was leading a Tech on-the-Go Presentation about creating digital comics with students.  When Kevin asked for a volunteer to make a comic, we stepped up to the plate, creating a comic about our… Continue reading Creating Comics from a Real Life Experience